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At Schoolhouse we pay attention to every detail. We start by sourcing the finest ingredients available. Whenever possible, we buy locally to support our neighborhood purveyors. We order in small quantities for fast turnover and shop six days a week for absolute freshness.

There are no short cuts with our food. We house prepare our pizza dough in small batches and allow it to rest overnight to develop full flavor. We marinate our chicken so whether it is char-grilled or hand-breaded, it stays juicy. We toss our croutons in home-made Caesar dressing for taste that goes through to your last bite, and this attention to detail applies to every item on our menu.

We are happy to individualize your order so you get exactly what you desire whether for taste or dietary needs. Not just pizza, but everything we make is customizable. No onions on your Bully, extra or no dressing, grilled chicken on your Salad 101? Just ask.

Schoolhouse is proud to located in the wonderful city of Quincy and support local events. If you are having an event that cries out for great food, let us help! We can donate pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salads to make your gathering even more of a success. Fill in the fields below and we will review your request and get back to you soon.


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